Welcome to Open Data Kit's documentation!

Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of open source applications that help organizations engaged in enumerator-mediated data collection. ODK tools assist with the collection and management of survey data using digital forms. These include the primary ODK applications:

  • ODK Collect, an Android mobile app that replaces paper-based forms.
  • ODK Aggregate, a server-side data storage and analysis tool.

Also part of the ODK suite are several tools that support form creation and data management:

  • ODK Build lets you design forms with a drag-and-drop form interface.
  • ODK Validate validates forms against the ODK XForms specification.
  • ODK Form Uploader uploads blank forms and their media files to ODK Aggregate.
  • ODK Briefcase packages and transfers data between instances of Collect and Aggregate.

ODK also maintains libraries and specifications that support these applications.

  • ODK XForm is a subset of the W3 XForm specification, for use in the ODK ecosystem.
  • ODK JavaRosa is a Java library that renders forms complying with the ODK XForm specification.
  • XLSForm defines an Excel format for designing forms.

For a complete list of our projects, check out Open Data Kit on Github.

How is ODK used?

In most cases, users of ODK:

This requires:


While this is the typical use pattern, it is not the only way to do things. ODK is a very flexible set of tools, and organizations will find their own best practices for adopting it.