Setting Up ODK Briefcase


The ODK Briefcase file available for download is an executable Java application. Once downloaded, it can be run directly and does not need to be "installed."

Before you begin…

Make sure Oracle Java 8 or higher is installed on your system.

We require Oracle's Java because OpenJDK has encryption shortcomings.

  1. Download ODK Briefcase.

    You may wish to move the Briefcase file to your desktop, your Applications directory, or another location.

  2. Open the file.

    • Double click the file icon.

    • Or, from the command line:

      $ java -jar {path/to/Briefcase}
  3. Set your local Briefcase Storage location.

    The first time you open Briefcase, you will need to select a directory for storing forms and submission data. A new directory called ODK Briefcase Storage will be created under the directory you select.


    We will refer to the term Briefcase Storage from now on to indicate the location of the ODK Briefcase Storage directory


    You can change the Briefcase Storage location later, from the Settings tab.