Filling out Forms with Collect

ODK Collect is used by enumerators to complete survey forms with participants.

Before you get started…

Before you can fill out a form, you need to load at least one form into Collect.

  1. Select Fill Blank Form from the Main Menu

    The Main Menu of the Collect app. The first menu option, *Fill Blank Form*, is circled in red.
  2. Select a form to fill out from the form list

    The Fill Blank Form menu in the Collect app. Several form titles are listed: *All widgets*, *Demo Survey*, *Form Design Tips by Nafundi*, *Hypertension Screening*, *Sample XLSForm*.
  3. Once you have completed the form, prepare it for upload by finalizing it.

Answering questions

Free response

Free-entry text and number answers are entered using the device keyboard. The appropriate keyboard (letters or numbers) opens when the question appears.

Select response

Questions with response choices can be answered by touching the selected items. These include radio buttons (single-select), dropdowns (single-select), check boxes (multi-select), and image choices (single and multi-select).

A question screen with radio buttons (single-select).

Radio buttons accept one selection.

A question screen with check boxes (multi-select).

Check boxes accept multiple answers.

A question screen with image choices.

Select images by touching them.

Capture answer from device

Many question formats launch additional features, form widgets, or apps to collect an answer. This includes audio and video recording, signature collection, photo capture, date and time widgets, location widgets, and barcodes.

In all cases, buttons below the question text will guide you through providing the response.

See also

For a (mostly) complete guide to form question appearance, see Question Types.

Removing answers

To remove a response, Long Press on the question label.

To remove an answer to a question, long press the question label and follow the on-screen prompts.

Changing language of a form

If a form is available in multiple languages, you can choose a language in which you want the questions to appear.

  1. Open the Action Menu ()

    A question screen in the Collect app. The Action Menu ("kebab") in the top-right corner is circled in red.
  2. Select Change Language.

    A question screen in the Collect app. The Action Menu is expanded and the option *Change Language* is circled in red.


    Change Language option is only visible if a form is available in more than one language.

  3. Select the language you want the form questions to appear in.

    A modal titled *Change Language*, with radio buttons (single select) for languages: *English* and *French* and a CANCEL button. The option for *English* is selected.

Saving a partially filled form

If you wish to save a partially filled form, you can click on the save icon (Saves a form.) beside the form name.

Screen with the save icon displayed in ODK Collect on an Android phone.

To edit the saved form, select Edit Saved Form in the Main Menu and select the form you wish to edit.

Completing a Form

Once you have reached the end of a form, you will have the opportunity to Save and Exit the form.

The end of a survey in the Collect app. The headline is *You are at the end of Demo Survey.* Below that is a text field labeled *Name this form*, with the value 'Demo Survey'. Then an unchecked checkbox labeled *Mark form as finalized*. Below all that is a button labeled *Save Form and Exit*.

At this point, you may also:

Name the form

The last form screen provides a default name for the form (defined by the form designer). You can rename it. This name only applies to that particular instance of a completed form (not to the blank form).

To rename the form instance, touch the form name in the last screen of the survey.

The Form Name identifies the form in lists throughout the app. For this reason, a meaningful name may be important to you. After you've saved the name, the form automatically moves to the Send Finalized Form section, from where you can send it.

Mark the form as Finalized

Only Finalized forms can be uploaded to a server.