Installing Collect

Installing Manually

The Google Play store always has the latest stable release.

If you need a different version of Collect, you can download from the web and install manually.

  1. From your device's Settings, choose Security.
    • Make sure Unknown Sources is checked.
    • (On older versions of Android, this setting is in Applications rather than Security)
  2. Open a web browser on your phone.
  3. Navigate to and download the ODK Collect APK.
  4. In the download window, you will see ODK_Collect_vN.N.N.apk. - Select it to download the file.
    • On older devices, the APK will automatically install after you approve the security settings.
    • On newer devices, you must go to the download list, rename the file to restore the .apk extension (the extension will have been renamed to .man during the download process), then click on it to install it.


You can also download the ODK Collect APK to your computer and load it on your device via adb or another tool like AirDroid.


On older Android devices (4.0 and earlier), ODK Collect required an external SD Card. This is no longer an issue because Android devices have internal storage. Virtually all current Android devices will run ODK Collect.


You can install ODK Collect on the Android emulator. This is especially helpful if you need to project Collect onto a screen.