Collect Menus, Settings, and Security

General Settings

To access General Settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings
General settings

Server Settings

Server settings control the connection to an Aggregate or OpenRosa server or a Google Drive account.

To access Server Settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings ‣ Server
Server settings

User Interface Settings

User Interface settings control Collect's appearance and behavior.

To access User Interface settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings ‣ User Interface
User Interface settings

Toggles Light and Dark themes.

New in version 1.15.

The main menu, with the light theme enabled. The main menu, with the dark theme enabled.
Sets the display language.
Text font size
Sets the display font size.

Sets form navigation style for moving between questions.


  • Horizontal swiping
  • Forward and back buttons
  • Both
Splash Screen
Sets an image to display while Collect loads.


Mapping SDK

Sets the mapping engine that will be used for form question types that require map integration.


  • Google Maps (default)
  • OpenStreetMap
Sets the map to be displayed when a question with a mapping component is opened.

Form Management Settings

Form Management settings control default behavior when editing, finalizing, and importing forms.

To access Form Management settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings ‣ Form Management
Form Management settings Form Management settings

Form submission

Auto send
When enabled, forms are sent immediately when they are finalized, if the device can connect to the internet. You can specify whether to send over WiFi, cellular data, or both.
Delete after send
When enabled, form instances are deleted once they are sent.

Form filling

Default to finalized
When enabled, forms are automatically finalized upon reaching the end of the form. You can opt out of this on any specific form during form completion.
Constraint processing

Sets when form responses are validated against constraints.


  • Upon forward swipe. (That is, right after the question is answered.)
  • At finalization.
High res video
When enabled, Video widgets widgets will record high resolution video if possible.
Image size

New in version 1.11.0.

Sets the default maximum size for images added to forms, as measured by the number of pixels on the longest edge. Images larger than the maximum are scaled down immediately after being added.


Original size from camera (default)
Images are unchanged when added to a form. Recommended for use only when images must contain a lot of detail and when the internet connection used to send submissions is fast.
Very small (640px)
Recommended when images don't need to be detailed or the internet connection used to send submissions is slow.
Small (1024px)
Sufficiently detailed for most on-screen viewing but too small for printing.
Medium (2048px)
Sufficiently detailed for most uses, including printing.
Large (3072px)
Recommended when a lot of detail is needed, but you want to reduce the size of image files as much as possible.

Form import

Import saved forms as finalized
When enabled, forms added directly to the instances/ directory are automatically set to Finalized.

User and Device Identity Settings

User and device identity settings control how personally identifiable information and device ID are used.

To access User and device identity settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings ‣ User and device identity
User and Device Identity Settings

Form metadata settings

Form metadata settings control how identifying information is added to the metadata of forms completed on the device.

To access form metadata settings:
⋮ ‣ General Settings ‣ User and Device Identity ‣ Form Metadata
Form Metadata Settings


You can edit the following:

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Email address



You cannot edit these:

  • Device ID
  • Subscriber ID
  • SIM serial number

Usage data

When enabled, ODK Collect sends anonymous usage and error data back to the ODK development team, which helps us improve the application.

Admin Settings

Admin settings manage other settings and features, letting you import or export settings, reset settings and delete cached data, and restrict which features are available to users of the app.

Admin settings are useful when you are managing devices that will be used by many enumerators, and you would like to limit the options available to those enumerators.

You can password protect the Admin setting screen, so enumerators cannot adjust settings or access restricted features.

To access Admin settings:
⋮ ‣ Admin Settings
Admin settings menu
General Settings
Provides access to General Settings, with all items unrestricted.
Admin Password
Lets you password protect this screen.
Reset application
Lets you reset to default settings, delete forms, and empty caches.
Import/Export settings


User Access Control Settings

Main Menu Settings
Displays a list of Main Menu features. To hide features, uncheck them.
User Settings
Displays a list of user settings and other features accessible in the General Settings screen. To hide features, uncheck them.
Form Entry Settings

Displays a list of features related to viewing and filling out forms. To disable features, uncheck them.

Moving backwards

If you disable moving backwards, the enumerator cannot use the back button or swipe right to move backwards through a form.

However, disabling this feature does not completely restrict a user's ability to access already-answered questions. So, when you uncheck this box to restrict backward movement, the app will suggest several additional restrictions which will prevent a non-admin user from revisiting already-asked questions:

  • Disable Edit Saved Form option in the main menu
  • Disable Save Form option in the Form entry menu
  • Disable Go To Prompt option in the Form entry menu
  • Set Constraint processing to validate upon forward swipe in the Form Management settings
Image showing message displayed to configure other settings when Moving backwards option is unchecked.

Select YES to set these additional restrictions.


When you enable the moving backwards option, you have to configure the other changed settings since they are not automatically changed back.