ODK Scan Form Designer

ODK Scan uses the ODK Scan Form Designer to create machine-readable forms. Scan is only compatible with forms created in the Scan Form Designer and loaded onto the phone. They can then be chosen among the templates within ODK Scan and successfully processed on the device.

Find the Scan Form Designer inside a tab in the ODK Application Designer using Google Chrome.


You muse use Google Chrome; other web browsers are not compatible at this time.

A basic overview of the steps to design a form are:

  1. Set the page style
  2. Add images and data fields
  3. Save form (for future editing) and Export form to ODK Scan app
  4. Print form for users to complete by hand

You can begin using the Scan app once you've got a form template and forms with handwritten data entered.

Video tutorials for each of these steps –from designing to exporting your form template– are available as a YouTube playlist.

Once you have exported your completed form you can transfer the form template to the ODK Scan app and begin scanning paper forms. See the ODK Scan documentation for more on those next steps.